Walking The Tightrope

Second Life.


Do you like coming to SL?

How has it affected your life?

Meeting new people.

Losing old friends.

Those dear to us, wonderful memories and those times you just wanted to be banished to the pits of hell!

The highs and the lows.

Begs the question, is SL really a life experience for a lot of us or just a passing fad?

Personally, I think those who have been around for a good few years now have felt that SL has had some impact on our lives.

In one way or another.

I can’t help feeling that my first year in SL had the most impact on my life.

An introduction into BDSM.

Being owned.

Finding love.

Losing love.

Finding love, again.

Meeting the greatest of friends.

Watching emotions boil over and the implosion of a family that would’ve still been going strong today.

But that’s life.

No matter if its real flesh & blood or the pixellated kind.

One thing is for sure though.

SL can quite easily take over your life!

And literary drive you completely wacko!!!

Wondering how on earth have you lasted this long!

It takes great courage for anyone to walk away from SL when you have all that buzzing around in your head.

Like a drug it’s hard to quit, once the meat hooks have a firm grip of you.

We all know people who have moved on from SL.

For one reason or another.

Escaped the madness.

Or passed on, which deeply saddens our hearts.

But for those of us that still come here, after all these years.

To be with dear friends.

To be happy and at peace.

It makes me believe SL has truly been a time where we’ll all look back fondly on over passing years.

Tyra Xx




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