Hmmmm….(thinks for a moment)…….Errrr…….(Ponders)…….Ahhhh!!! ((7 Months later))

It wasn’t really an “Ahhhh!!!” as though it was a “Eureka!” moment,  more like another “Hmmm” and a “Sigh”. It was just added it for dramatic effect ((Stares at the audience and raises her eyebrows and shrugs))

Because after seven months i still haven’t found out what to write about on here!

Should i tell my life story, about my life, loves, my friends, my foes, sad times and happy times in Second Life? ((Who is that yawning at the back!!))

Should i bitch about this person and that one? ((Ohhhhhh yes!! oh yes please!!!)) *Gags the sexy lil devil dressed in red latex and flicks off her shoulder*

People in-world that have crossed swords with and lived to tell the tale? ((Okay, okay! So i haven’t told any of those tales yet….I’m typing I’m typing!! God damn it!!))

Should I rant and rave about whats wrong in the world or why do people once gagged talk as if nothing has if nothing as been inserted in that blabbering mouth of their’s in the first place! ((Hmmmm that’s twice i have mentioned gags in the first few sentences)) *Blinks*

Should i talk about Fashion & Style?? Everyone knows i have a fondness for shopping and bargain hunting ((Glances over to her smouldering credit cards, glowing red and an instance from melting and having running liquid plastic ruining her new wooden floor))

Give you my views of places i have been or heard of to visit, or give a view on certain things i have tried and experienced? ((Tyra, don’t mention gags….DO NOT MENTION GAGS!!)) *Takes a deep breath*

Maybe i should just shut the hell up and continue with my Hmmm’ing and Errrr’ing for another 7 months?? ((Shhhhhh Virgo!!))

Well maybe this badly put together, badly written scribble will spar me on to a long and epic journey with interesting stories and swashbuckling adventures galore!!!

…………Then maybe not.

Love T.