Slow Progress…..Bad Reactions…..Personal Views.

I only ever met HelenaD a few times.

The first time Sam brought her to the Pen for me to meet her, and that didn’t go down very well.

I reacted badly to the fact that Sam wanted a Mistress here. I briefly said Hi and walked away with Sam on my tail, understandable not very happy with me.

Now i am going to pause here to say what my personal views are on this subject.

I had this thought in my head when I first came to SL that if someone was a Dominant, then that’s all they should be, not be someone elses submissive.

Remember this was my first real experience of a D’s relationship and I thought this is how things worked. Subs were submissive and Dominant’s were strictly dominant, and if you took that role then that was how you reacted.

Basically I was very naive on how the BDSM population worked in SL. It’s like an endless chain. The sub has a Mistress, who herself has a Mistress, who then may further have a Mistress herself or basically will sub to others, etc etc etc.

I have, too this day, hardly ever met a Dominant that hasn’t been either,

A sub to another and is owned by them.

Been a sub early on in her life here.

Subs to random others in general play.


Has an ALT that is a submissive in that life.

There seems very few exceptions to this.

There is a general concensus that you must have to have been a submissive to be a good dominant.

Do you really have too? I mean is it written in stone that this is the by law in BSDM?…….I don’t think so.

So what are we left with?

Basically a world of switches.

There is a sim called Domme a Domme.

Now in theory this sounded like an interesting concept. A place that Domme’s could go a test the resolve of another Dominant or get their resolve tested……..Again in theory, this sounded like a concept with a competitive edge to it.

If you actually go there and study what goes on, you will quickly realise that this sim’s title is a pale reflection of what goes on here.

Sure there is a few Dommes that go there, in search for something resembling what the concept offered. But they must be horrified to see how many subs there is there, or even worst, subs that are masquerading as dommes, just to get a chance of being so-called broken.

It’s a complete joke!!

What is happened to BDSM in Second Life??

I know over time things change, people change and attitudes change……But has it been for the better??

Does chaos now rules over the scene??……Is it just like one big orgy of switch play??……and then you have to think back and say, has it ever really been any different from 4 years ago??

For me, it feels like it has changed from back then. The world seems overrun now with subs pretending to be domme’s just to get that rush of being made to submit… more time.

These so-called domme’s seem to collapse with the slightest amount of topping, and in the end it all gets very frustrating and sadly in the long run, it’s putting those of a genuine nature off playing at all.

I understand that these are just my personal views and not the views of the masses.

Please feel free to comment on this subject and share your views.

Sorry to go off the subject matter……I will continue where i left off my story in the next part.

Love, Tyra XXX