Interviews, Series One…..

Hi everyone!

Over the last 6 weeks or so, i have done around 12 interviews, with a wide bunch of people from Second Life. A set of 20 questions were asked to each of them. First ten are about their experiences in Second Life and the second ten are hypothetical questions..

Some of the interviews are where i have sat down with the victim…….((Errrrrr i mean interviewees!!)) and asked each question, one at a time, and responded to each answer they give… a live interview.

The other type of interview i have done, is where i have sent them a notecard, with the list of questions inside. So they can fill it in at their leisure.

This is basically because a lot of people in second life don’t have the 2 to 3 hours to do a live one on one interview.

So please have fun reading them and i hope it’s been all worth while for everyone that is taking part.

Lots of love

Tyra XxX


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