Yeah yeah…So I Lost.

Yeah yeah i got my ass kicked!!……She won!…..I lost!

2 weeks as her sub wouldn’t be so bad, would it??

Well  actually it took a week or so for her to persuade me to do my time with Sam. You know it was one of those things that you kept saying you’d get around to but never actually make an effort to do.

Nerves? …..yeah i was nervous, a little.

Excited? ….. yeah that too.

I hadn’t actually ever been someone’s submissive before, even if it was only for a 2 week period.

So she eventually cornered me into starting my time with her, along side doing the quest tasks too. This one task was to be a ponygirl for 2 days, if my memory serves me correct and Dio & Jenny will testify to this, It’s damned hard to be a ponygirl for an extended period!!! Two days are a long, long time to be in such an outfit all the time and in those days most of my spare time was taken up by SL. So i was doing the ponygirl task while starting my two weeks with Sam. She was like my mentor and guide through this and i guess it was then that i began to feel happy with her being in control of me.

Now this was around 4 years ago and it’s hard to think of the actually moment that we decided this was going to be more than a 2 week deal, has per the bet. But I’m sure we both decided to make it permanent before the two weeks were up.

It’s never been easy for me to relinquish control…….to anyone.

So to give it to Sam was a big thing for me, has it must have been for her. I was her first Sub and her first time as a Mistress.

Coinciding with this, was Sam’s search for a Mistress of her own.

And that came firstly in the shape of HelenaD.

To be continued………………….


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