4 years old….feels like 90

Actually 4 years 1 month 25 days to be precise. It just seems a lifetime since i joined SL, thinking back to a few of the early memories i have of there.

My friend EmJay first recommended SL to me, so i decided to give it a try. Within one day of joining and going through the whole noobie training Sim, with the block building and a couple of cars parked just as badly as i seen in my local supermarket car park!! ((Keep away from my Porsche!!)) then several minutes of trying to flying around a laid out course and smashing my head in the same concrete slab half a dozen times. I decided SL wasn’t the place for me.

It took a month of coaxing from EmJay to get me to have another go, stating that once i had entered SL itself then i would be hooked. She was right!

She introduced me to Meki, who i instantly hit it off with and still today we are the best of buds. Even when she did take a year out having met her partner here and made a life together.

She also introduced me to camping, and i hated it!! lol I couldn’t believe they would spend hours either sat in one spot, entering a numbered code in local chat every 10 minutes or so, just so they could prove they where still active and earn another 5L!!! But i didn’t have my payment info on record at the time and begrudgingly took part in it ((frowns)) Till i discovered D’s here ((smiles))

Within a month i had discovered a place called Sarah’s Slut Pen ((Lol..Gees!!!)) and the infamous Black Hole Quest!!!!! ((Da Daaaaaa!!!…..scary hey??)) It’s there i met my first like-minded friends, Shinaree, Sam, Dale, Lin and Nano. It was then that the hook fastened in tight enough to never let go!

The Black Hole Quest was great fun and everyone seemed to lining up to play it. Friends competing who could get to the highest levels and actually finish it. It was a great feat to finish the quest and it was worth going through it all again.

It was the beginning of the golden year of RLV. A year that most people involved in D’s wore shackles or police cuffs, daring to risk leaving their keys out, hoping to get a someone nibbling at the bait. More often than not you got some key happy snapper, testing those dangerously unlocked cuffs and away you went!

As you may or may not have noticed, Sarah’s place is where i met Sam for the first time. I had become friendly with her over the first few weeks of going to Sarah’s and of course we both played the quest at the same time. Also at the sim they had the card game. The actual name escapes me but it’s the one that you play higher or lower and the eventually loser as to spin the wheels to decide on their punishment, all good fun!! Well it was this game that brought me and Sam together.

We had a private bet between ourselves that the loser of a game between us would get the other as their submissive for a period of 2 weeks. So if you think about it, the actual outcome could have led to a whole different situation between us than it did.

And actually!!!!


Won the race up the ramp and into the cage that circled the game!

Within 5 minutes i had got my ass kicked!! lol 😦

To be continued…………


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